Vol 22 Chapter 8-5

“True, letting the enemy capture a person or two was the strategy decided, but…”

Zheng said softly, “But if they’re too weak, killing off a few here as a deterrence would also work as a way to protect our members.  Besides, I didn’t say before whether or not to hold back. We’ll let one or two run away at the critical moment. The rest don’t need to leave, and can stay here.”

“You feel very resentful because of Xuan and Honglu’s annoying plan, right?” Cheng Xiao laughed at the side.

Zheng didn’t reply, merely taking out Tiger’s Soul, shaking it. Seeing that resentful look of his, it was obvious that Cheng Xiao’s words had hit the nail on the head. This movie world wasn’t his stage, but that of the three team’s strategists competing. Whether it was him, the other members of team China, or even team East Sea and his clone, they were but chess pieces for the strategist’s battle. If it was just this it wouldn’t matter, but...

“Xuan just...

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