Vol 22 Chapter 8-4

“The psyche force screening my power of faith can activate from the Bell of the East Emperor is too weak. This is also coincidentally suitable for our current situation, so I won’t discuss this for now. But when it’s activated, I won’t be able to voluntarily move. It’ll last for twenty four hours, and we have to let one of us be captured in this time period, and this person definitely cannot faint.” This was the scheme Xuan and Honglu had collaborated on before. When it had been decided, Xuan had said this to everyone.

The entire plan had one important point, which was to make team Celestial believe that team China had lost. They were to have team Celestial underestimate them, whether in terms of Xuan’s attitude towards probability or team China’s reaction speed towards sudden events. This was so that team Celestial wouldn’t realise team China had already met clone Zheng.

“This is very important. We can't let team Celestial know...

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