Vol 22 Chapter 8-3

“The submarine has been destroyed. The time from when the submarine discovered the destroyer till it fired the second torpedo didn’t exceed three minutes. This smuggler team really is strong.”

Far away, at the location of team East Sea and the United States Seventh Fleet, the fleet commander and several important members of team East Sea were in the midst of discussion. Team East Sea hadn’t done anything against the various countries, and had taken out technology worthy of being said to be from the future. So, for America who was gathering all the forces it could to face the great enemy that lay before them, team China, it didn't matter whether or not team East Sea really was from the future. They had to stop team China before they reached land. Of course, team East Sea didn't really want to go to land, only that America wasn't aware of it.

Team East Sea’s members had ugly expressions. As members of God's Realm, they knew about certain limitations of God's Realm teams. To attack and destroy a submarine hidden in the sea, especially in such a short time, was extremely terrifying...

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