Vol 22 Chapter 8-2

The ship team China advanced continuously, practically ignoring the location of team East Sea. They only adjusted their course to the Diaoyu Islands. On the way, the storm gradually became fiercer. This weather was definitely something rarely seen in a century. The waves billowed to the skies, and the endless rainwater crashed down. The purple lightning in the sky flashed, and lightning even struck some of the higher installations of the destroyer. It was as if heaven and earth were about to collapse. Let alone team China, but even the naval soldiers who patrolled the seas frequently were speechless from this scene. A destroyer navigating these seas wasn’t much different from a skiff.

“This is too terrifying. In all my years in service, I’ve never seen such a terrifying storm. This truly is a Perfect Storm.” When the discussion for the course of action had ended, Zheng had ran over to the bridge to ask about the ship. So far, the warship basically had no special issues. After all, it was a large object and those small...

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