Vol 22 Chapter 8-1

“I am team East Sea’s leader, and these are my teammates. I want to meet your admiral.”

As team China rushed to the Diaoyu Islands, team East Sea instead made a detour to elsewhere. It was the location of the United States Seventh Fleet, the USA’s fleet stationed at Japan. To be more accurate, it was the location of a patrolling ship.

Such an ordinary fishing vessel wasn't rare in the Pacific. But they were rarer during this sort of storm. Normal fishing vessels would enter the nearest port, and resume their tasks when the storm passed. Thus, when this fishing vessel appeared, those warships sent out a message for them to stop and receive a inspection. At the same time, the naval soldiers were in a state of alert.

When team East Sea said this bluntly, the inspecting soldiers immediately aimed their guns at them agitatedly. Pearl Harbour’s situation had long since spread across the world. Practically every country’s troops had already received a detailed...

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