Vol 22 Chapter 7-3

Team China… were the main characters?

“Actually, apart from team China, all who entered God’s Realm have the possibility of becoming main characters. It’s only that there are only three teams approaching this goal, team Devil, team Celestial and us, right?” Honglu frowned at Xuan.

Xuan nodded. “Yes. The three of us are closest to this goal. The meaning the final battle has is completely different. It is now a battle to obtain the position of the ‘main character’.”

“Alright, alright. I’ll admit you're right, we are the main characters. But this doesn’t cover up what you did this time. Let’s put all that theoretical stuff aside. After all, no matter what, we have to face the final battle. What are you trying to do?” Zheng felt as if he was being conned. Honestly, he didn’t really understand much about the discussion regarding ‘main characters’. Even if he had unlocked the third stage and simulated Honglu, he still didn’t understand it completely....

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