Vol 22 Chapter 7-1

“Something’s off.” This was the first thing Zheng heard upon waking up. He rubbed his forehead in confusion. He had expended a large amount of mental energy in Kampa’s consciousness space, and was still slightly muddle-headed coming out. It took a long while before what Honglu said registered with him.

“Huh? What does that mean. I just woke up. My teeth aren't brushed, my push-ups aren’t done and my head still hurts…” Zheng dumbly responded.

“I said something’s off!” Honglu briefly raised his voice as he responded. Pinching his hair, he said, “I don’t know why. I’m getting more and more panicked recently, and I keep feeling something is about to happen.”

“Hmm… your good friend is here?” Zheng said suddenly after thinking about it.

Honglu froze momentarily, then asked, stupefied, “Who? Wait, you bastard!”

Honglu was still Honglu after all, and immediately recovered from this topic, immediately shouting irritatedly, “Don’t learn from Cheng Xiao! Even if you do, you won't be anything like him!”

Zheng laughed, patting the boy’s hair. “That was just to liven up the atmosphere. You’re too tense. Remember, anything can be discussed. If you were to be so anxious, wouldn't the rest of the team be even more anxious?”

Honglu inhaled deeply hearing that, and then calmly said, “Freshen up quickly, then I’ll tell you my bad premonition.”


Ten minutes later, the two were sitting in...

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