Vol 22 Chapter 6-2

The Perfect Storm was a disaster film. Accurately speaking, the battle between team China and team East Sea would be waged here in this violent storm, which looked much more violent than the real Perfect Storm. At the very least, The Perfect Storm hadn’t had purple lightning falling.

“I don’t know why, but I have a bad premonition.”

In the destroyer’s lounge, the various members of team China were having a leisurely free time. For example, Wangxia was reading the fantasy novel, Terror Infinity, Yingkong was reading romance novels, while Heng and Cheng Xiao were playing video games. The rest all had their own entertainment, and it looked very relaxed within the destroyer. Only Honglu was there thinking nonsense, pulling at his hair nonstop.

“Oh? Explain.” Xuan muttered, his head not even rising from his documents.

“There’s no omen, nor is it really any rational inference. It’s just my premonition. I said it before, right? I can see the premonition of someone about to die on their body. Although all teams would have this feeling in movie worlds, and one very strong at that, so it can’t be used as the basis for deduction. However, Wangxia, Liu Yu and I have a very thick air of death around us that far surpasses normal. I have a very bad premonition about this.”

“Hmm, 13%... continue, the probability is too low.” As always, Xuan didn’t raise his head as he spoke.

“13%? What’s that?” Honglu asked slightly dumbly.

“The probability of there being variables…”

Just from these two words, Honglu immediately understood...

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