Vol 22 Chapter 6-1

“Mhm, I roughly understand your situation.”

Team East Sea had used the device team Celestial had left them, and as expected, it quickly connected to team Celestial who were in another movie world. After it connected, team Celestial’s leader, Adam started speaking.

“If the opponent is Xuan, don’t expect team China to act according to logic. If you attempt to run using the advantageous influence God gave you, there's an over seventy percent chance of a team wipe. Team China is stronger than you can imagine. Meeting just their leader would have a large probability of a team wipe. Ordinary schemes aren’t able to reverse it when there’s too large a gap in power.”

As Adam spoke, the black runes faced man suddenly cut him off. “Adam, so what you’re saying is that we won’t be able to get to the Senkaku Islands before team China?”

“It’s DIAOYU ISLANDS! What dogshit Senkaku Islands?” Suddenly, another man’s voice was transmitted over the device. Then, the man seemed to curse for another few sentences. [1]

“Alright, Yinglong. There’s a limited conversation time on this. If anything displeases you, would you kindly leave? Don’t listen to us talk. Team leader Miyata Kuraki, it’s as you say. You all are already unable...

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