Vol 22 Chapter 5-3

The consciousness space was different from the real world. There weren’t any special rules inside. The so-called time, space, and even the person’s consciousness would be different from the real world. If an ordinary person’s consciousness stayed here clear headed, abnormalities would quickly appear in their psyche. This was just such a world. Zheng could with great difficulty rely on his Light of the Soul to search for Lan’s consciousness body. It was a profound feeling that couldn't be explained to others.

Zheng indeed found Lan’s consciousness body, and even found the space it was in. He was in the house they had been in in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3. Lan’s consciousness was trapped within, continuously experiencing the moment of being trapped, the moment when her boyfriend in her memories displayed hostility towards her. It repeated over and over again, until the point when her consciousness would completely collap...

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