Vol 22 Chapter 5-2

(I know you’re sad. I also know you love me…)

What is true love on earth? It meant love everlasting though life and death. Zheng didn’t look as himself as a love sage or someone extremely passionate. As an ordinary person grinded down by modern civilisation, he had thought he had already become numbed and was immune to romance, love and the like. This was normal in modern society. Or rather, this strange ‘normal’ was the socially expected ‘ordinary person’.

This perception only gradually changed upon entry to God’s Realm. Only when he completely overcame his heart’s devil when he died and resurrected, did he understand why God chose those who had lost something before from the real world. It was because loss was necessary.

This was similar to Xuan’s life experiences. If a perfect person struggled for survival in this world where you could die anytime, he may not necessarily have the courage to stand up once again. A defeat may lead to his complete annihilation, like how team China only had one survivor in Resident Evil Apocalypse. Ordinary people wouldn’t have the courage to fight...

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