Vol 22 Chapter 5-1

As the ship headed towards Pearl Harbour, the two newbies had began to worry. After all, their strength wasn’t that great yet, and their bodies weren’t much stronger than ordinary humans. If several soldiers shot at them, Juntian would definitely die, except for Liu Yu, who might survive if he managed to luckily summon a card.

That was why they were worried about dying from a stray shot while seizing the warship. Even with the protection of the dragonshard necklace, they would die if America no longer wanted the warships, and wanted them to die there and then, and fired an anti-ship missile at them. So, they worrisomely asked Zheng.

“Although I don’t want to admit it… but isn’t this what we usually do?” Zheng was slightly astonished in response. After saying those words, he recalled after a long time that these two fellows were rookies, or basically semi-rookies. Their strength was weak amongst team China, and their experience wasn’t great. Their courage hadn’t yet been cultivated either. Thus, it was unavoidable to have some...

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