Vol 22 Chapter 4-3

“Quickly, hurry back!”

Zheng was standing at the prow of the ship, looking anxiously at the distant dark sea. The increasingly turbulent waves, the incessantly falling purple lightning, and the whirlpools in the sea filled his heart with a foreboding premonition. Although he had just used the metal piece to contact Xuan, and it was all probably fine according to him, the word ‘probably’ raised too many questions. This was especially when that fellow Xuan was the one who said it, then it was far from good. He had a really bad premonition about all this!

“Xuan, if you dare to scheme against the rest, and let them fall into danger, I will definitely skin you alive! No, I’ll EAT you alive!”

Zheng was scared. Not of this abominable weather or anything else. As members of team China, they were very strong. They stood at the upper tier of the realm. This abominable weather, even if it was in the deep sea, couldn’t harm...

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