Vol 22 Chapter 4-2

Zheng immediately froze in place. He was very sure that this ship was a very normal civilian fishing vessel. There were no humans stronger than ordinary people on board, so these people couldn’t be team East Sea either. Then… how did they know of the existence of God’s Realm teams?

“You’ve met team East Sea? Did they request something of you?” Zheng asked curiously, as he carefully prepared himself.

“What’s team East Sea?” The man was instead confused. However, he didn’t mind it, but took out a black box. “About a month back, a man appeared before me. He gave me a large sum of money, and the job he gave me was to give you this black box when you appeared. Come to think of it, you two look really similar. Apart from the difference in the position of the scar on your face, you two look practically the same.”  [1]

Zheng was shocked in his heart. He already knew who this captain was talking about. In the whole realm, only one person fit this description. His clone! However, could his...

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