Vol 22 Chapter 4-1

When the plan was determined, Zheng immediately flew into the sky. He looked down from ten thousand metres up in the sky, still unable to see the ends of this vast and endless sea. With Zheng’s current strength, he was able to break through to the atmosphere with just Destruction, without even activating Chaos, Genesis Splitter.

His newly learnt defensive technique using the collision of Refined Qi and Magic, as well as the Red Flame, protected him from burning up in the atmosphere. However, he wasn’t able to survive for long periods in a vacuum, so ten thousand metres up was his best choice.

(It’s the second last battle. The final battle is next. No matter what battles may come in the future, at least against my clone, I don’t want to lose again! I definitely won’t lose!)

Zheng silently looked down, where the remainder of team China was. They were the comrades most worthy of his trust and reliance. Whether for them, for Lori, to live on, or to return to the real world, he wasn’t permitted to lose!

“Team East Sea!...

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