Vol 22 Chapter 3-2

The Perfect Storm. It was a typical disaster film, a story about what happened after a storm came. Everyone had carefully watched it before entering the world as usual. However, no one could have expected the situation would here would be so… abnormal!

They appeared in the middle of the sea, surrounded by a vast and endless deep blue sea. It was fortunate that the start was the safe time, so everyone floated half a metre above the surface of the sea, as if stepping on something solid. God would protect everyone before the movie truly started.

“Hmm, isn’t this situation a little too strange? Did God just dump us in the sea like this? Could he want us to swim across the Pacific Ocean?” Heng looked at Zheng, a strange expression on his face.

Ming Yanwei, who was besides Heng, snorted coldly. Not talking to Heng, she instead turned to Zheng, “Zheng, what’s the mission this time?”

“Hmm. Go to the island located at 123°...

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