Vol 22 Chapter 3-1

Six days had passed since Zheng successfully completed his Foundation Establishment. Counting the two days Xuan and him were unconscious, there was only a day left from the next movie. No one had lazed around in these six days. On the second day after Zheng woke up, Xuan also woke up. The first thing that fellow had done upon waking up was to collect Zheng’s genes for research. Seeing his simple look now, he must have spent not just a day or two researching.

“The basic situation is like that.”

“Among the DNA, there’s mitochondria that has changed. The makeup of this mitochondria is like it has unlocked the genetic constraint and has evolved.” Xuan carried a large number of documents as he spoke to everyone. “It’s intriguing. If this is the case, Cultivators really did walk a different path of evolution from Saints. Apart from being in the domain of science, they’re even different internally.”

No one present seemed to understand apart from Honglu. However, Xuan very patiently explained this time, “The mitochondria within a human body has its own set of genes passed down, different from the genes humans passes...

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