Vol 22 Chapter 2-2

“Zheng, what comforts you the most in this realm?”

“Hmm, it should be a group of comrades I can trust.”

“Then, what’s your greatest regret or your worst mistake?”

“Hmm… It’s definitely trusting that fellow Xuan!”

For some reason, these words flashed through his mind as the electricity coursed through him. He immediately couldn’t resist screaming.

“Chu, Chu, Chu Xuan… I, I, I’ll kill…” 

Zheng had been electrocuted so much that his entire body was spasming, and couldn’t complete his sentence. Everyone still heard it clearly. However, when they saw Xuan adjust his glasses and his expression change from that of fanaticism to hot-bloodedness, how would they dare stop Xuan, who had activated power of faith? They thus could only look on with sympathy at Zheng.

Zheng was suffering unspeakable pain in the electric current. This current was at least several tens of thousands volts of high voltage. His instincts continuously activated his genetic constraint, actually unlocking the initial fourth stage after a few seconds under this high voltage. If this continued, his body would likely automatically enter the Dragon Transformation state.

“Zheng, this is just the energy storing. Greater energy waves will be produced soon. So, enter Dragon Transformation now. I’ll protect...

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