Vol 22 Chapter 2-1

“The basic situation is like that. Because the information to be translated contains various aspects, only five percent has been translated for even the most initial Foundation Establishment stage. This information here is that five percent of content. It’s roughly explains about the nature of all things and energy in the universe. It contains a majority of quantum mechanics, some of general relativity, the mass-energy conversion(e=mc2), spatial energy and so on. The conversion formula between Refined Qi and the aforementioned energies is…” Xuan said as he ate a tomato.

“Stop stop STOP!” Zheng was shouting at the side. Not only him, but everyone else showed an expression of incomprehension.

Xuan gave everyone a sidelong glance. He didn’t say his catchphrase of ‘a mortal’s wisdom’ but instead said, “The conversion formula is merely the very first step of Cultivation. It means to convert all the energies freely floating in space, such as ionic energy, cosmic rays energy, light energy or thermal energy, into Refined Qi or Magic that can be absorbed and stored by the human body. The exact method is… using rune technology. You need rune technology to guide you in the first stage, called Foundation Establishment. You transform from a normal human to a Cultivator with Refined Qi or Magic within their bodies. After that, you don’t...

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