Vol 22 Chapter 11-3

Miyata Kuraki’s current experience looked extremely colourful in personality… or extremely ‘unique’. It looked very weird, but in this getup, he had an extremely peculiar presence, which made Zheng involuntarily get serious.

This time, Miyata Kuraki wasn’t continuously wiping blood on his body. He merely tapped his katana on the ground lightly on the ground. The black fog on his body suddenly gushed out, enveloping the area over ten metres around him. A substance formed of the black mist gradually appeared within, a majority constructing a set of wings behind his back, with the surplus creating multiple strange dark-red eyes around him. [1]

“This move is called Silent Eyes! It uses the mind’s eye to attack, the so-called hearts rends the soul… When pursued to the extreme, all can be cut, whether the fleshy body or soul!” Miyata Kuraki’s expression wasn’t clear, and was completely hidden within that substance-like black mist. The black mist wrapped him up as if it were armour, and he slowly flew up as he spoke. The rune wings behind his back were extremely beautiful, and were genuine items capable of flight.

“Wave Eye[2]: Wings of Light!” The various eyes around began to flash violently. When he was a dozen metres from Zheng, the wings behind him began to spin like a wheel as it slashed towards Zheng, spinning like a pitch-black wheel with sawtooths. The speed could no longer be followed with the eyes, and Zheng, who had been previously unconcerned, could only hastily unsheathe Tiger’s Soul. With the sound of...

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