Vol 22 Chapter 11-2

“TEAM CHINA! Wait for me! Even if I die, I won’t let you take her!” Ever since Zheng had taken the ten team East Sea members away, it had been as if Miyata Kuraki had lost his soul, ending up confused and at a complete loss. After he had received Sora Aoi’s psyche force communication, he had gone mad, and had begun cutting himself, letting his blood flow into a container.

“Kuraki-kun! You’ll die if you use this move!” The youth named Mitarashi immediately stopped him, shouting.

Miyata Kuraki pushed him away with his strength. “Even if I die… I won’t abandon my comrades in death! Forget about those who renounced me, only her… she’s the only one I can't abandon no matter what! Out of my way!” He cut open the blood vessels on his wrist, letting out blood, and his face gradually paled.

Mitarashi didn't retreat after being pushed away, instead rushing forward to grab Miyata Kuraki”s waist from the back. “Kuraki-kun! How could we beat a monster like that team China leader?! He obviously didn't even use half of his strength when he battled...

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