Vol 22 Chapter 11-1

“In conclusion, regardless of our origins and where we’re going, we don’t have any ill intentions towards you.” Zheng was currently communicating with the United States Seventh Fleet commander. In actual fact, the United States Seventh Fleet had come to a halt after team China’s surprise attack.

They didn’t even dare continue attacking team China. Team China’s battle prowess as well as that giant black dragon had awed them. It was a battle power not belonging to this world. It was so powerful that they had lost several warships without killing anyone, a situation hitherto unseen.

Just as the American navy was in a panic, team China had sent over some requests.

“Do you think that the actions of snatching a warship and using a super weapon to display your strength don’t constitute as malicious actions?” The fleet commander looked into the video display. Frankly, this was the first time he had seen team China’s appearance. They didn’t have any...

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