Vol 22 Chapter 10-7

“As a God’s Realm team member, your strength is admittedly enough. But at the same time, the gap between the powerhouses of the Realm and you remains huge. The most important reasons are, how do you plan to become strong? What is it you chase after?” Zheng silently stood at his original position.

The three from team East Sea were half-kneeling before him. Within a short minute, the three had already been completely knocked to the ground by him. They were unable to keep up with him just using the power and speed of Explosion. In truth, the current Explosion far exceeded that from when it had just been created. It near rivalled Destruction at its time of creation, an indication of his body being much stronger than before.

“What I chase after… the warrior spirit? No… honour? No… what I chase after should be survival, to live on together with those important to me…” Miyata Kuraki half-knelt on the ground, allowing the rain to wash over his body....

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