Vol 22 Chapter 10-6

“This should be our first meeting, leader of team China, Zheng Zha. It’s nice to meet you.” Miyata Kuraki said to Zheng, his tone neither overbearing nor humble.

Zheng took a look at Miyata Kuraki, that youth gripping a katana. Although he was an enemy, his performance while under their surveillance left Zheng with no ill intent towards the man. He was after all someone who could treat captives kindly, and was an honourable warrior. He couldn’t be too bad, even if he was Japanese. In any case, they wanted team East Sea’s psyche force user to help, so he nodded cooly. “Yes, I am team China’s leader Zheng Zha. Are only you three here to welcome me?”

If it were others saying this, perhaps Miyata Kuraki would have felt some sense of humiliation or arrogance. However, only those who knew of Zheng’s strength would understand that it was completely fair of him to say this. Zheng was too strong. This mightiness had reached the the point where it was like the difference in strength between a lower-tier lifeform...

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