Vol 22 Chapter 10-4

“That’s correct. It’s intimidation!’ Zheng stood on the prow, shouting to the rest of the team. “It’s not just to intimidate team East Sea, but so as the armies of the other countries in this world, as well as the Angel Alliance! We shall completely and utterly annihilate the United States Seventh Fleet, as well as a majority of team East Sea. We’ll tell them not to casually agitate us! In the final battle, us team China are worthy of the reputation of being amongst the three strongest in the Realm!”

“Then, let the battle begin. Zero and Wangxia, you two will be responsible for eliminating any submarines that get near us. Xuan’s eye can temporarily be utilised as a psyche force scan. The three of you will stay behind, to protect the rookies at the same time. Cheng Xiao shall stay back as well. Use your close combat to protect Zero and the rest. You can’t fly after all, so it’s not suitable for you after you go over. Heng will be in charge...

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