Vol 22 Chapter 10-3

“Are you sure Yingkong didn’t hold back?” Zheng stared into the distance at the ship’s prow, murmuring at the same time towards those behind him.

“Yes. She didn’t hold back. To be accurate, she coincidentally met someone who grasped her weak point. It’s likely to have mental disorder when two personalities coexist in the same body. The mental instability is innately decided, and normal people with split personalities will usually have slight mental illnesses. The opponent attacked this weakness of hers.” Xuan replied certainly.

“Then what about the final battle? If someone used this weakness of hers then, wouldn't she be…”

“No, it shouldn't matter. By then, her main and secondary personality should already…”

What exactly should already happen, Xuan didn't say. However, Zheng and the rest were already mentally prepared, so it was enough to just say that.

No one knew what would happen in the final battle. Perhaps China would win by a landslide....

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