Vol 22 Chapter 10-2

PS: If racism doesn't sit well with you, you can basically skim/skip over the first half. I wish I could. Those hours of my life ain't coming back...

Since team East Sea had launched the sneak attack and contacted team Celestial, half an hour had passed. Everyone was depressed, not knowing when team China would attack. Or perhaps, they were waiting for them to arrive exhausted at the Diaoyu Islands. Simply put, team East Sea could no longer think, having lost Adam’s wit.

“Perhaps we were wrong…” On the deck, Miyata Kuraki and Sora Aoi were walking slowly, one in front of the other. The atmosphere in the room was so oppressive that the two had agreed to go out and stretch their legs a while.

“Then, we’ll follow the strategy Adam established for us.” Sora Aoi looked tenderly Miyata Kuraki, muttering as she lowered her head.

“Not that… but our attitude towards those yellow monkeys… no, those Chinese.”

Sora Aoi immediately...

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