Vol 22 Chapter 10-1

“That was the process of your engagement? You captured a member of team China, named Zhao Yingkong?”

In the flagship of the United States Seventh Fleet, team East Sea had switched on the communication device with team Celestial. In the situation where the sneak attack campaign had gone successfully, the moment that team East Sea’s fate would be decided had come. They had to make the final decision on whether they would use this member to negotiate with team China or follow Adam’s scheme.

“Yes, her name is Zhao Yingkong. Our psyche force user could search the router layer of her consciousness, so such basic information was easy to confirm.” Miyata Kuraki said feebly.

A large majority of the black runes on the man’s body had disappeared, with the remaining ones being extremely faint. His complexion looked extremely poor, and looked much more terrible than Koinu Maosu next to him, who was missing an arm.

“I’m very curious. This girl, Zhao Yingkong,...

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