Vol 22 Chapter 1-2

In his analysis, Honglu had voiced out the truth behind the scenes. Although they were just his inferences, the reasoning was practically seamless. Although it had some inadequacies, this analysis should be close to the truth based on its sense of completeness. At the very least, there weren't any loopholes too large to be found.

For a time, everyone felt slightly blank. After all, the analysis mentioned the Saint’s and Cultivator’s trap, which differed too much from the final battle they had originally thought of. They were stuck on this boat when they obtained this information, and returning to the real world had become incomparably difficult. Also, returning to the real world would require increasing their own strength, as well as pulling people in to join them as Honglu said. The Saint’s and Cultivator’s scheme was indeed good, to have them improve their own power and humanity's overall power at the same time.

“Alright, everyone stop thinking about it.” Zheng suddenly opened his mouth. “Now’s not the time for this. Whatever the final battle represents, it’s still a true final battle for us. We’ll only have a so-called future if we win and defeat team Devil, reaching the apex of this realm. Thinking of the future is pointless if we lose. So, why not think about the final...

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