Vol 22 Chapter 1-1

Volume 22: Final Act before the Storm

“God, full body repair! Deduct the points from me!” Zheng began yelling as soon as he returned to God’s Realm. However, it had some shortness of breath. After all, he was missing a lung, and his body looked in dire straits. If it was slower by just tens of seconds, he would have stayed permanently in Eragon, and it would have been a stay as a corpse...

After a short while, God’s healing light retracted. Zheng was the last to complete his repair. It had taken over ten minutes, as his injuries were simply too grievous. Just the cost of healing had been over three thousand points. Only when everyone had waited for very long did Zheng finally slowly descend from mid-air.

Before Zheng and the rest could say anything, a black shadow stuck itself in and a giant tongue licked Zheng. There was actually a thirty metre tall, fifty metre long giant black dragon standing on the platform. Just that tongue was three or four metres long. This wasn’t so much a lick as a shower of dragon saliva. It didn’t stop there, as the giant dragon even started extending a claw towards Zheng.

“Stop! Doggy, stop!” Zheng hurriedly shouted. He wiped the saliva on his face, then anxiously continued, “You’re not allowed to lick anyone from now on, nor are you allowed to pounce on anyone like just now! You’ll crush someone!”

However, Cheng Xiao was at the side, laughing while saying, “Forget about it if it’s licking guys, licking girls would be great. Hahaha, it’ll definitely look sexy if they’re soaked wet…”

Zheng glanced...

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