Vol 21 Chapter 9-5

Although the monster had used the divine ability of time stopping, it was still a Fiend in the end and not a Saint. Using this divine ability was its limit, and complete control was an impossibility. There was why Zheng had a sliver of a chance to escape. Of course, Zheng, who was trapped in a time stop, was naturally unaware of all this. Only Xuan had calculated all this out.

Meanwhile, as Xuan flew into the sky, what was below his feet was the fortress capital. He was holding a Gauss pistol in one hand, his eyes full of fervour. At the same time, his power of faith had been completely activated and reached the current maximum power he could use, even unlocking the initial fourth stage.

“I can definitely shoot through to the Abyss. I can definitely shoot through! DEFINITELY!” Xuan roared passionately. The Gauss pistol immediately emitted thousands of metres of radiant light. It was more acute than any time power of faith had been used before. In this instant, time seemed to pause around Xuan. All the brilliance concentrated around the muzzle of the Gauss pistol. With the high degree of concentration, the power of faith finally activated, and the Gauss pistol bullet carried the brilliance as it was fired with a violent boom. The millimetres sized bullet looked like it carried limited power, but when this bullet struck the ground, that brilliance was let off as well…

The far-off Wangxia was looking very anxiously at the sky. He finally saw a ball of brilliance crash into the ground when Xuan used the power of faith,. When it struck, it immediately let off a radiance as dazzling as the sun. It pierced into his eyes, turning everything white. The ground began violently trembling before the brilliance could dim down, as if there...

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