Vol 21 Chapter 9-3

Cheng Xiao had overestimated himself, or perhaps underestimated the Shade’s power too much. At the very least, with his normal Nanto Suicho Ken, he wasn’t able to kill this Shade that could fire off fireballs with the power of a grenade. In fact, not only was he unable to kill him, but he was also in danger as of now.

(In truth, it’s easy for me if I want to escape. I can definitely throw this giant bat off in seconds if I use the Sky Stick’s electrical jet engine. But if I do that, they’ll definitely die.) Cheng Xiao directed his gaze at the ground. Eragon and the rest were running about nonstop in the flames. They wanted to escape from this flame encirclement, but the Shade Durza kept paying attention to them. As long they escaped to a certain extent, he would toss out a fireball to continue their encirclement. If he fled, the three would surely die.

(What do I do? It’s impossible to get near him, but the attack range of Nanto Suicho Ken is five metres. I need to attack within five metres of him. For an ultimate move like Hishō Hakurei that controls wind flow...

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