Vol 21 Chapter 9-2

A height of almost two thousand metres. It wasn’t that tall, nor was it that short. Still, it was enough for ordinary fleshy bodies to fall to their deaths. Even Zheng with his body would die without a sliver of doubt if he fell from that height. So, he had to finish the Balrog before he fell back down!

The two figures looked extremely imbalanced. Even after Dragon Transformation, Zheng’s build still seemed like the size of a rat before that over ten metres tall Balrog. It was only that this rat had shocking power and actually wanted to tear the person into pieces. That was the current portrayal of Zheng and the Balrog. After Dragon Transformation, Zheng did indeed have sufficient strength to rip the Balrog apart by the waist.

The Balrog howled in pain. Its hands begun to pound at Zheng, who was at its waist. It didn't even care about its flaming demonic sword dropping away. Perhaps because of the critical moment of life and death, the blazing white flames covering its whole body shone and it couldn't...

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