Vol 21 Chapter 9-1

When God’s notification appeared, Cheng Xiao had already ended his battle. Cheng Xiao had completed his slaughter of the Urgal soldiers surrounding him. The surviving Urgal soldiers were scared stupid and all stared blankly at the mincemeat on the ground. Those were the Urgal soldiers killed by Nanto Suicho Ken. In truth, Cheng Xiao with his Nanto Suicho Ken and martial arts mastery had made this fellow practically a human meat grinder. When they were touched they were injured, when they were hit they died… 

Of course, this referred to when the opponent’s strength wasn’t too extreme, like Zheng.

“Let’s continue. Gentlemen, don't just stand there in a daze! I am in a rush here.” Chen Xiao mimicked Bruce Lee’s "come and get some" hand gesture and beckoned them with his hands, sounding very proud of himself.


There was a whistling sound, and a giant fireball was heading towards him. It frightened him into stepping down and hurriedly fleeing backwards. A violent explosion immediately occured...

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