Vol 21 Chapter 8-4

Putting aside the rookie’s battle temporarily and going to the other side, just as Honglu decimated the whole outer perimeter soldiers and Chengxiao courageously lured over the Shade due to his power, Zheng was also fighting bravely in the Abyss far below the capital.

“Dammit, are you really not done over there yet, Xuan?” Zheng howled at the metal plate, “I really can’t hold on much longer on my side!”

In the Abyss, countless reptiles had appeared once again on the ground in the time since the five super monsters hatched. Half of them didn’t begin devouring each other, instead overlaying on each other and forming a pillar. The pillar had a diameter of forty metres and an ever increasing height. The remaining four super monsters didn’t devour those small reptiles and all walked to the pillar. They then walked along the throng of reptiles, the pillar, up to the hole in the sky.

At the start, Zheng had still waited for a while and hadn’t paid much attention to it....

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