Vol 21 Chapter 8-3

People who had never experienced true battle would never understand that feeling of walking the edge of life and death, where a slight lapse in concentration would cause death. Ordinary people would feel their blood race or their mind tremble in a fight, let alone that environment where you struggled for survival and could die anytime. Only at this moment did Honglu finally understand Xuan’s meaning behind doing this… and its significance towards the final battle. 

(I see. It’s impossible to understand this feeling without having experienced this juncture of life and death. In other words, whether it be me or another ordinary team member, we’ll likely lose our judgement ability in the final battle and thus probably die an unjust death. In the final battle, anyone can influence the battle. So even if we die, we have to complete our duty before dying…)  When Honglu thought about this, his heart gradually settled down. Although his limbs had all still gone slightly weak, he had still hardened his resolve. He allowed those arrows to whizz past, merely holding the Fiendish Monstrous Spider tight and charging...

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