Vol 21 Chapter 8-2

“That man is the Shade?”

Honglu was sitting at the crown of a tree. In the distance, at the limits of what he could see through his telescope, was a squad of Urgals advancing continuously. Among this squad, there was a weak and thin man dressed in a dark-red coloured long robes. He was continuously emitting a black aura, and seemed to be saying something to the Urgals.

(Based on the movie, this Shade possesses great power. He even summoned a giant bat about ten metres in length at the end of the movie. I can’t beat him. Cheng Xiao’s Nanto Suicho Ken is quite impressive, so I’ll leave this fellow to him.)

Honglu’s heart silently calculated. When the Urgals entered the forest, he turned his telescope towards the even more distant mountainside. There were over a hundred soldiers and Urgals guarding checkpoints there. All the main exits of the forest had similar soldiers guarding it. The main characters had no path of retreat except for the very steep mountain road.

(Seriously speaking, what Xuan did this time...

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