Vol 21 Chapter 8-1

“Hmm? What does that mean? We should quickly settle things on this side, then go to the capital at the fastest possible speed?” Heng asked the silver coloured metal piece, baffled.

“That’s right. Eliminate all the soldiers chasing the main character, as well as the soldiers in the periphery of the small village, before coming to the capital at the greatest possible speed. You all have sufficient Sky Sticks over there, right? Come together with Zero to the capital, while the rest will stay at the safe spot in the forest to take care of those sleeping. The basic situation is like that.” Xuan’s voice was transmitted over the silver coloured metal piece.

“What do you mean the basic situation is like that?” Honglu directly snatched the metal piece over, and the little boy shouted, “What is that supposed to mean? What about my previous scheme? We could have successfully let the young dragon mature originally, or alternately, there was at least a large chance of doing so. If you do it like this, what about our...

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