Vol 21 Chapter 7-2

While translating the magic runes on the room door, Xuan opened the silver coloured metal plate and said, “Begin the operation to exterminate the capital. After I rescue Arya, immediately use the Magic Cannon after Zheng leaves, whether or not there are side quests and the young dragon has matured.”

Compared to Xuan, who was showing a rarely before seen anxiety, Zheng wasn’t overly flustered currently. It was the so-called boldness born from superb skill. Although he was paying attention to the monsters below, Zheng didn't believe in his heart that the monsters could threaten, or even harm him.The transformation of the hundred plus giant cocoons went slower than before. They only completed the transformation after over ten minutes. The monsters that appeared this time weren’t much different from before, only bigger. That’s right, there also weren't any giant demons any longer. It was as if they knew giant demons couldn’t cope with Zheng, and only some monsters that could crawl on the ground appeared. Then, that brutal massacre and devouring repeated, and this time only five were left...

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