Vol 21 Chapter 7-1

“Why?” Zheng’s heart found it strange, but his eyes stared at the hundreds of millions of reptiles, not understanding why so many reptiles would mutually massacre each other. After a short while, a quarter had been eaten by the rest, and the number of reptiles was continuously decreasing.

“Because these words can’t be said. Even knowing about it isn’t allowed. I’m afraid that when the two of us step onto Earth, a large number of organisms from other planes will appear on Earth, and the calamity they’ll cause will lead to massive casualties amongst humans. Human society will radically change… What good calculations and schemes. So, it turned out God’s Realm was like this…” Xuan sighed, then said. 

“What does that mean? Why can’t I understand you?” Zheng thought about it himself, but couldn’t understand what these words of Xuan meant.

Xuan shook his head. “They didn’t leave behind a complete last message probably to remind us of something. The box creators can use a certain method to know if we discover their existence....

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