Vol 21 Chapter 6-3

The rules of Dungeons and Dragons were for a world set up by Westerners. After countless people refined it continuously, the world gradually approached balance. It was a pure swords and magic type world. It had humans, elves, dwarves, giant dragons, gods, ghosts, demons and devils… It could be said to be a hodgepodge-like world, but with countless people continuously refining it, and with the time spent to accumulate knowledge on this subject, this world actually ended up balanced, just as if it were a real world.

In Dungeons and Dragons, there was an extremely ominous area called the Infinite Layers of the Abyss. It was a world with countless planes, all mutually interlinked. Even in the Abyss, each layer was a plane equivalent to a world, each with different laws. For example, one world could have more positive energy, while another could have more negative energy. It could also be that one was more aligned to the fire element, while another to the water element, with numerous different examples. It could be said to be a strange major world composed...

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