Vol 21 Chapter 6-2

A difficult to describe state of being half dreaming and half awake. Zheng didn’t know many metres he had fallen. When he recovered, he wasn't even two hundred metres away from the ground. His speed was shocking and even his strong body wouldn’t be able to bear this terrifying impact force at this rate of descent.

Zheng merely looked down, and cold sweat began to flow on his entire body. His genetic constraint unlocked automatically instantaneously and his body’s instincts acted faster than his mind. A Geppou was used at once, but his speed was too fast, and he already crossed another hundred metres in a moment. A single Geppou simply was unable to decrease much falling velocity.

Zheng didn’t care about much else. Destruction was activated at once, and both legs executed Geppou nonstop at speeds that couldn’t be caught with the naked eye. At the same time, he took out Tiger’s Soul and aimed at the ground. At the same time as his speed decreased continuously, his distance from the ground was less than ten metres. Zheng poured all his power into Tiger’s Soul, and hurled the sabre downwards....

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