Vol 21 Chapter 6-1

Zheng activated his Explosion mode, and his battle power sharply rose. Just his speed increased by several folds compared to before. Although it hadn’t reached that ridiculous level of Destruction of breaking the sound barrier, he used this speed to charge towards within a thousand metres of the giant dragon within a short time. Then, his entire body seemed to slam into an invisible wall, with even a “bang” sound produced. Because he had been moving at high speed, he was immediately knocked into confusion.

“Guest from afar, what is it that prompted you to probe this taboo? Based on your strength, you should know what this taboo represents, right? Return! This is not a place you should be!” The man sitting on the giant black dragon, or accurately speaking king Galbatorix, spoke sternly to the thousand metres away Zheng.

Zheng didn’t reply. What he was currently most afraid of was to incite the plot, so he might as well ignore King Galbatorix’s questions. He directly extended a hand onto the defensive barrier, pondering how to break...

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