Vol 21 Chapter 5-3

Note: Jk again guys, the previous chapter was real... The DnD is real lol

It had to be known that Zheng’s current strength was practically 15000 kilograms of force. Even a simple punch wouldn’t be much less powerful than the explosion of a hand grenade. It was because of this strength that it wasn’t necessary for him to pursue any kind of technique, and it was sufficient to just purely use force to break through technique. Although he hadn’t yet used Explosion, this Black Knight wasn’t actually the slightest bit harmed under this punch. The strength of this organism was sufficient to brag about. They were stronger than the elite orc soldiers in Lord of the Rings that could use battle Qi. Rather, they should be two to three times stronger.

(It’s still fine for me. If it’s Heng and the rest, then they could possibly really be in danger if they get pincered by them, especially in a tunnel like this. It looks like the power levels of Eragon aren’t as weak as it looks externally.)

Zheng pondered back and forth, but his hands didn't stop moving. The punch...

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