Vol 21 Chapter 5-2

Zheng laughed bitterly as he shook off the gore on his hand. Without waiting for him to continue speaking, the remaining Urgal’s entire body had already gone limp and he fell kneeling to the ground, and he began to say all he knew in an unceasing torrent.

“Lord magician is controlling that elf princess. Yes, only magicians can deal with magicians. No, you can too…” This Urgal had already been scared silly. Not only was he stammering, there was also some incoherence.

Zheng frowned, He naturally knew after watching Eragon that that so-called magician was king Galbatorix’s number one subordinate, a magician who could summon creatures from the demon world. In the original movie, he was a powerful magic user who was even better than elf princess Arya who also used magic. In the final segment of the movie, he had almost killed Eragon, and could be said to be one of the rare powerhouses in Eragon.

“That’s alright as well. Directly disposing of him is fine…” Zheng softly whispered. He then said to the Urgal,...

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