Vol 21 Chapter 5-1

In the Eragon movie, the capital of Alagaesia wasn’t extensively described. Apart from the time the main character rode his dragon mount to go save princess Arya, a description of the royal capital hadn’t really appeared. This Eragon was also no longer a movie, but a truly rational world, with a capital more colossal and magnificent than in the movie. It could also possibly have an existence that far surpassed the Eragon movie...

“This is what I’ve been worried about. Logically speaking, nothing should really make Imhotep scared. Although energy weapons and magical items can indeed harm him, his personal strength should be sufficiently strong. Even the magician in the original plot won’t necessarily be able to beat him. If Imhotep can’t win, he would definitely still be able to flee. What exactly is this power that is making him fearful?”

Zheng jumped off the stone pillar, while using the silver metal piece to talk to Xuan.

“Hmm…” The consciousness on the...

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