Vol 21 Chapter 4-2

A gamble. Or perhaps, Xuan was originally already a gambler. Of course, this was just a generally speaking. Xuan was fundamentally a genetically altered person who paid particular attention to probability. Everything in his eyes was divided into probabilities. Although the closer he got to the mid fourth stage, the more he changed, at this moment his fundamental aspects hadn’t had much of a change. He was still that Xuan with wisdom that far surpassed mortals.

This series of deductions and schemes were all built on probabilities. Of course, to make these deductions and calculating these probabilities weren’t something ordinary people could do. That was why Zheng was so troubled just now, because he had fallen for Xuan’s trick, and had already promised before to start the plot themselves. He had arranged for Wangxia to spread rumours that the main character had obtained the dragon’s egg. This way, king Galbatorix would definitely send out people to hunt down and kill him. Now, he couldn’t even regret it if he wanted...

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