Vol 21 Chapter 4-1

The capital of Alagaesia was actually not far off from the main character’s small village. If one galloped nonstop on horseback, one could reach that small village in about ten hours. In reality, this so-called country was extremely small. At the very least, it was far from comparable to the national size of China in ancient times. If they were to be compared, calling it a prefecture was already being very generous. This country should instead be compared to the national size of medieval European countries, and it would be the size of a duchy even then.

The Sky Stick was countless times faster than a horse. Within less than an hour, everyone had reached the capital from the village. It was an imposing city built against a mountain. Although the main buildings of the city weren’t too big, several villages existed at its periphery. These villages also weren’t too large, but it looked like they still had a large population when put together.

“Adding together the villages, the markets outside the villages, as well as the people and army troops in the capital, there...

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