Vol 21 Chapter 3-2

This mission was too ridiculous. Accurately speaking, it was that team China had never accepted such a mission before. There was actually no target, but only a pure massacre as the mission. It wasn’t killing one or two hundred people, but a mission to massacre the whole capital… This was simply what clone Zheng had done at that time when he destroyed Cairo!

“We already know the mission for this movie. It sounds ridiculous. Destroying the capital of Alagaesia… Alagaesia is the country where the the plot happens, a country governed by a Dragon Rider. No matter how many people there are in the capital and whether they are good or bad… we have to destroy it!” Zheng looked at the other members of team China.

Everyone became silent. Zheng didn’t wait for anyone to say anything and talked to himself. “The difficulty of this movie isn’t clear now. Even if it’s a special movie God gave us like you two said, Xuan, I definitely don’t believe it has no...

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