Vol 21 Chapter 3-1

“Enter the beam within thirty seconds. Target locked. Eragon. Teleportation begins.”

Eragon wasn’t a horror movie. To be accurate, it was a Western fantasy movie, with knights, swords, magic and giant dragons. It was a wholly Western fantasy world, and this movie world was exactly the one team China was entering now.

From the analysis of the two brains of team China, this movie world wasn’t difficult. At least to the current team China, it didn’t pose much difficulty. So why did such an easy movie suddenly appear at this time? The verdict of the two brains was shockingly unanimous… The final battle was coming, and God wanted to supplement the rest of team China’s battle power, such as the young dragon they had obtained long ago.

In the Jurassic Park movie, team China had met a real Western dragon, with a colossal body as long as a hundred metres. Everytime it breathed out flames, it had destructive power on par with a miniature nuclear bomb. If Zheng hadn’t risked his life as he fought at that time and used the extraordinarily destructive...

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